Get up close and personal with the animals you love! Rachelle’s podcast, Wild Lives, shares the real-life stories of wild animals and their people – field naturalists, acclaimed conservationists, rangers, award-winning film-makers, National Geographic photographers, adventurers and a stack of other legends you’ll be stoked to meet.

Balancing interviews with doco-style narratives, Wild Lives takes the listener on a journey through natural habitats to meet tigers, great white sharks, wolves, elephants, bears – and everything with fins, fur and feathers in between. From blood-pumping close encounters to poignant insights into what makes these creatures tick, Wild Lives will give you all the feels.

Season 1 kicks off with a visit to Yellowstone National Park, where acclaimed researcher Doug Smith shares his intriguing tales of legendary wolves, before we move on to chats with Valerie Taylor, Dereck Joubert, Shannon Wild, Dr Laurie Marker, Jack Plant and Bob Talbot about everything from rhinos to cheetahs to orcas.

In Season 2, we sit down with conservation icons Dr Jane Goodall, Tim Faulkner and Ian McAllister, catch up with field experts Rich Dolan, Julia Sumerling and Jad Davenport, and even join the Black Mambas live on an anti-poaching patrol in the South African bush.

A seasoned host, Rachelle first started producing podcasts in 2015 with Women’s Health magazine’s Live Better Podcast, before going on to launch New Idea Royals and Investigates for Seven West Media. She is currently producing Season 3 of the Wild Lives podcast, which is scheduled for release in June, 2021.