Fauno whaaaaaat?


Faunographic is dedicated to people who love animals and travel to see them. The site was founded by Rachelle Mackintosh, a Sydney-based editor, journalist and photographer who fancies herself as some kind of Davina Attenborough/Bev Grylls hybrid (but in reality is just a shameless nature perve).

Mackintosh has held several positions since joining the Australian publishing scene in 1998, most recently as Acting Editor and Associate Editor of Women’s Health, where she oversees the travel section. Other highlights include being the Travel Editor of New Idea and Aussie POST, Features Editor at Travel Week, and Chief Subeditor at Girlfriend and Cosmopolitan magazines. Her photos have appeared in all of those publications, as well as Tourism AustraliaThe Huffington PostHarper’s Bazaar and Bride To Be. And her recent appearance on TV’s The Daily Edition, where she was invited to talk about her wildlife photography, was a nerve-wracking highlight:


Throughout her career Mackintosh has travelled extensively to see wild animals in their natural environment. Life highlights include tracking gorillas in Rwanda, chimpanzees in Uganda, cheetahs in Namibia, tigers in India and Russia, and polar bears in subarctic Canada, along with numerous hiking trips across outback Australia, Iceland, the US, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Japan and Finland. Her special skills include wearing pyjamas, eating vego pizza, and stalking anything with fur, feathers or fins.



  1. You did forget two of your specials skills:write delicious, funny posts and take awesome photographs! Glad to find Faunographic!


    1. Oh you’ve made my day, thanks so much for your kind words Paul, hope you’ll find lots to like here (once it’s all up and running as smoothly as I’d like it to!)


  2. Love the site, top notch good faunographer skills. You rock!


    1. Thanks so much Nat for taking the time to visit, you legend! X


  3. Aaah! Humour and brilliant pics of the wild all in one place! Great job!🙌


    1. Thanks so much friend!


  4. Great work on establishing the website, remiss of you to forget one of your qualifications..
    Chief joke maker on IG Looks excellent Rachelle


    1. Thanks so much for visiting, Loz! Sometimes I can’t help wondering if you and I are the only ones laughing though hehehe (it’s all good!)


  5. Catherine Marshall · · Reply

    This is fabulous Rachelle, well done! I must tell you that my 15-year-old daughter wants to marry David Attenborough. She will love this site. 🙂


    1. Oh thanks so much friend! And what’s not to love about Sir Attenborough – such an amazing fella.


  6. Love it Rae. Damn girl, you are good. x


    1. Miss you guys! xx


  7. Gary Granfield · · Reply

    Enjoy your posts very much Rachelle, like you I have fallen in love with Africa and plan to make another visit next year, keep in touch. GG


    1. That’s awesome Gaz, I remember chatting when you were about to set off on your first (? I think?) Zambezi rafting adventure. Once you fall under Africa’s spell you’re hypnotised for life.


  8. Gary Granfield · · Reply

    Yes, that’s right. Since then have been to Mana Pools Zim, Kafue Nat Park Zam. Hope to go next year and help build a school in the Gambia.


    1. That’s amazing!!


  9. Hallo Rachelle,

    short question of a Chemistry Profess at the Free University of Berlin. May I use one of your fotos in an article about pyrethrum flowers and their use for insect control. I plan to publish the material in the German journal “Chemie in Unserer Zeit” (Chemistry in our Time). The readership of this journal consists of biology and chemistry school and university teachers and students. The foto is number L1070249. Of course I will add the source and I should emphasize, that my writing is (unfortunately) completely non-commercial and I would appreciate your permission for using that foto.

    Thanks a lot in advance and best regards from Berlin, Germany


    1. Hi Dr Klaus, thanks so much for asking me! You are more than welcome to use this image – would you like me to send you a higher resolution version?


      1. Also, Dr Klaus, I would love to see your story in the journal when it is published, if that’s possible? Would you mind sending me a link when it is published? I love seeing where my pictures end up!


    2. Catherine Marshall · · Reply

      Whoa! I thought it was going to be some trolling. Well done – your photos ARE amazing!!

      Sent from my iPhone



  10. How nice is it?! It’s so flattering! And YOU are always so kind Catherine, thank you so much!


  11. That would be great.



    1. No worries, can you please send me your email address? Just email me at faunographic@gmail.com and I will reply back with the image attached for you. I will do this for you tomorrow morning


  12. My email address : klaus.roth@fu-berlin.de

    Thanks in advance


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Done! I just sent 3 separate emails with a few different images choices for you. Please let me know when you receive them? You may need to check your spam folder if you don’t see them immediately.


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