Rachelle Mackintosh is accredited by the Australian Society of Travel Writers and has been a journalist, editor and content producer specialising in travel/lifestyle for more than two decades.

During this time she held on-staff positions for Seven West Media and various magazines, including Women’s Health, Who, Cosmopolitan, Travel Week, The Great Outdoors, New Idea, Girlfriend and the Australasian Post. Now working wholly freelance, her most recent writing clients have included Signature Luxury Travel & Style, Dare magazine, Escape.com.au, the Sunday Telegraph, Tourism Australia, Destination New South Wales, Hello British Columbia,  Telstra, Microsoft, Allcastles Homes and Kmart.

Rachelle’s a passionate empath with a black belt in verbal contortionism, and her stories are known for their honest, conversational tone, thoughtful observations and occasional Dad jokes. It’s a style she’s spent decades refining – and will continue to.

And while she’s been hashtag-blessed-AF to experience all kinds of luxurious travel experiences throughout her career, her favourite stories were built from genuine connections to animals and their people. For example, on a trip to wintry Siberia for Women’s Health, she traded running water, electricity and indoor plumbing for the feel-good feels of working with anti-poaching rangers to protect Durminskoye’s wild Amur tigers (fun fact: the foresters named a tigress in her honour, as she was the first Australian to visit the area). You can read more about that adventure and more in this collection of published works…

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Published work

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