Podcast: Dr Jane Goodall on chimps, how to fix the planet & the power of hope


There’s no one else on Earth like Dr Jane Goodall. After all, she’s not only won countless awards for her decades-spanning conservation work, but her work with chimpanzees has actually changed the way we see both animals and humans.

At 85 years young, Dr Jane is still working hard, travelling 300 days of the year to share her important message of hope, and to support her Roots and Shoots program – an innovative approach to conservation that’s enabling young folks to be the change our planet needs.

In this episode, the finale for Season 2 of Wild Lives, Dr Jane introduces us to the chimpanzee that changed her life, David Greybeard; reveals what she’s learnt about the environment, climate change and the importance of education and local action; and reveals exactly how she wants to be remembered.

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Ready to get involved? Check out Dr Jane’s Roots and Shoots program, and also visit the Jane Goodall Institute’s website here.


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