Podcast: Whales of Stellwagen, Boston, with Rich Dolan


Boston’s Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary is home to a stack of sea icons, including the humpback and minke whale, oceanic sunfish (mola mola) and great white shark – and it’s also home to artist and naturalist Rich Dolan, who spends his days at sea documenting the creatures who thrive in this unique part of the world.

Through his innovative art and sculpture project, Tails of Stellwagen, Rich records each individual animals’ distinguishing patterns, helping both researchers and enthusiasts alike to identify, track and appreciate these mysterious leviathans.

And, as a naturalist with countless hours at sea, Rich has had some pretty amazing encounters with all kinds of critters – so while he was visiting Down Under we got him to share his best tales of Stellwagen with the Wild Lives podcast.

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Visit Rich’s website, Etsy store and Instagram to see his incredible artwork, sculptures and photography.

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