Podcast: Great Bear Rainforest with Ian McAllister


Time magazine named Ian McAllister one of the ‘Leaders of the 21st Century’ – which is no surprise when you hear how committed he is to the unique wilderness he calls his office, Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest.

As an award-winning photographer, celebrated author, IMAX film-maker and co-founder of Pacific Wild, Ian’s spent decades in the field getting to know everything from spirit bears to sea wolves and grizzlies. Plus, his adventures in the Great Bear Sea have revealed an epic ecosystem filled not only with iconic whales, dolphins, pinnipeds and kelp forests, but also a delicate environment where the balance rests on the future of salmon – the source of life in this truly special part of the world.

In this episode of Wild Lives, Ian’s stories of adventure, discovery and life lessons will both inspire and entertain you.

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Head to Pacific Wild’s website to find out more on Ian’s work, and be sure to follow them on Instagram. For Ian’s personal account, click here.

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