PODCAST: Secret life of puffins & Newfoundland seabirds with Justin Hawco



This episode of the Wild Lives podcast features naturalist Justin Hawco, who’s learnt a thing or 12,000 about the puffins, northern gannets and other seabirds of Newfoundland, Canada.

Newfoundland, Canada, is an extraordinary wilderness famous for its 10,000-year-old icebergs, rugged coastline and the 35 million seabirds who flock to the Witless Bay area. As Justin’s discovered on his countless adventures, this is a place where seabirds go beak to beak in one of the planet’s most extreme environments; where even the most innocent-looking feathery friends are plotting mayhem.

In this episode of the Wild Lives podcast, Justin reveals the secret lives of puffins and the sinister habits of northern gannets, plus he introduces us to blackback gulls, auks, and more. And, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get attacked by ‘the clown of the sea’, Justin’s your guy!

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