PODCAST: Great Barrier Reef with explorer & photographer Julia Sumerling


Expedition diver, oceans explorer, acclaimed film-maker and photographer Julia Sumerling has spent a couple of decades discovering Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and her knowledge of this World Heritage environment is eclipsed only by her passion for it.

Over the years she’s done at least 10,000 dives – and at least 9000 of these were solo missions, so she’s had plenty of opportunities to form friendships with the reef’s dwarf minke whales, turtles, potato cods, thresher sharks, stingrays, guitar fish and a stack of other intriguing sea creatures. Her regular expeditions to the ribbon reefs of the Coral Sea and the Yongala Wreck have given her a unique perspective on life, and her hilarious stories will have you reaching for your snorkel, asap!

Bonus: this legendary photographer also shares her best underwater photography tips (you’re welcome!).

Check out the episode on:

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And Omny.

Oh, and Julia’s photos (like the one below) will blow your mind – check it out here.


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