PODCAST: South Africa’s Great White Sharks With Kelly Baker


Of the 350 species of shark in the world, few capture the imagination like the Great White Shark – after all, they’re one of the planet’s fiercest predators, measuring up to 6 metres long and clocking speeds of 56 kilometres per hour, and inspiring a squillion B-grade movies.

But are these big fish simply misunderstood?

In this episode of Wild Lives, marine biologist Kelly Baker shares her stories about life with these giants in Gansbaai (near Cape Town in South Africa), revealing their surprising behaviours and individual personalities, and explaining exactly what happens when their arch nemesis – the killer whale, or orca – rolls into town.

Check out the episode on:

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And Omny.

And visit Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Conservation Trust for more info on the sharks of Gansbaai.

great white beauty

Great White Shark surfacing near Gansbaai, South Africa

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