PODCAST: Film-maker and photographer Bob Talbot on dolphins and whales


From his game-changing ocean documentaries to his iconic photography, Bob Talbot has shaped how we see and think about the sea – particularly when it comes to its wildlife, like dolphins and whales.

No doubt you’ve already seen Bob’s Oscar-nominated IMAX film called Dolphins,and you’ll soon be checking out his latest doco, called Being Dolphin 4D, which gives viewers a dolphin’s eye view of life in the pod. You’ve seen his incredible photography inTimeandNational Geographic, and you’ve probably even hung his prints in your home – Bob was in his 20s when his posters of whales and dolphins became the world’s best-selling line of marine artwork.

Bob’s career kicked off in 1977, when he and some tenacious mates drove from California up to Canada’s West Coast, hoping to find and photograph orcas underwater – and in this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic Bob takes us along every crazy step of this rollicking journey (spoiler alert: it leads to him teaming up with legendary oceanographer Jacques Cousteau!).

He also tells us the stories behind is most iconic photos, introduces us to an overly enthusiastic orca called Sharkie and reflects on the time he barely survived an encounter with an entangled gray whale. And, his observations about what it’s like to be with wild dolphins, and feel part of the pod, will give you all the feels.

Download the full episode here:

Check out some of Bob’s incredible photos here.

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