PODCAST: Paul Ojuara on Brazil’s owls, marmosets and being stalked by a puma


For wildlife photographer Paul Ojuara, getting the perfect shot in Natal, on Brazil’s northeastern tip, can be an extreme sport.

Paul’s hometown is  can be pretty violent (to get to some places, photographers need police escorts), and the animals themselves can be a little tricksy (prowling pumas, anyone?). But for architect-turned-biologist Paul, these challenges just fuel his passion for wildlife, in particular the common marmosets and burrowing owls he’s been photographing locally for years.

In this episode of Wild Lives By Faunographic, Paul shares what he’s learnt from his daily encounters with these stunning creatures, reveals the surprising challenges they face and explains the stories behind his most iconic photos.

Download the full episode:

And see Paul’s incredible photography here and here.

Images © Adobe Stock.

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