PODCAST: Andre Bauma & the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park


In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic we chat to Andre Bauma, a legendary ranger, guide and wildlife rescuer who has devoted his life to caring for the mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park, in the Congo.
Rescuing wildlife in a region ravaged by militia and rampant poaching takes the heart of a giant – but Andre Bauma is as humble as he is a great storyteller. In this podcast, Andre reveals how his work on the frontlines at Virunga have taught him exactly how to communicate with wild gorillas – and how he’s used that experience to help orphaned mountain gorillas like Ndakasi, Ndeze, Matabishi and Musuka heal from their traumatic pasts.

Please noteThis episode may be emotional at times. Also, sometimes the sound isn’t as clear as I would’ve liked, as the phone line between Sydney and the Virunga wilderness wasn’t always ideal. But Andre’s incredible stories make up for that!

Download the full episode:

To find out more about Andre and the Virunga team, click here.

* Portrait of Andre photo: with thanks to LuAnne Cadd for virunga.org

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