PODCAST: Whales of Sydney with Annie Skarratt and Jonas Liebschner


What it’s like to see the famous white whale, Migaloo, not once but twice? Or to be out kayaking in Sydney Harbour when a southern right whale brings her calf over to say hi? In this episode of Wild Lives by Faunographic, naturalist guide Annie Skarratt joins acclaimed photographer Jonas Liebschner to take you into thick of the whaley action right in the heart of Australia’s biggest city.

Our humpback story is a happy one. When the culling of humpbacks stopped in the 1960s there were just a couple of hundred of these gentle giants left in our East Coast population. Today, the numbers have bounced back to over 30,000 – it’s a rare, feel-good conservation success story that we’re rightfully proud of. Both Annie and Jonas have years of experience with these giants of the deep – and they have the extraordinary stories of close encounters to prove it! And if you’ve ever wondered where to go in Sydney to see them, this episode has plenty of suggestions.

Download the full episode here:

Go here to check out Jonas’ incredible photo book and fine art prints. And make sure you swing by here to follow Annie’s adventures.

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