PODCAST: Lions of the Maasai Mara with explorer & film-maker Dereck Joubert

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Happy World Lion Day! No one knows lions like Dereck and Beverly Joubert. After all, they’ve spent three decades filming them in the wild, and they founded the Big Cats Initiative to help protect these incredible predators in 27 countries.

Dereck and Beverly’s credentials are mega impressive: they’re National Geographic Explorers, multi-award-winning film-makers, TED talkers and conservation game-changers. But above all, they’re humble, bloody good people whose passion for what they do is unyielding (literally – Dereck has survived close calls with elephants, buffaloes and deadly snakes, along with three plane crashes and at least four bouts of malaria).

As you’ll hear in this inspiring episode of the Wild Lives by Faunographic podcast, Dereck’s commitment to wildlife has never waivered and he’s had some very entertaining encounters during his career. He also takes us behind the scenes of their most recent film, called Tribe Versus Pride, which reveals the complex relationship between lions and the Maasai people who live alongside them.

Listen to the full episode here:

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* Please note: the phone connection between Faunographic and Dereck recorded in this podcast isn’t always as clear as we would like. But we hope the extraordinary stories shared in the episode make up for that!

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