You’re already familiar with Lonesome George and frisky Diego, and it turns out the creatures of the Galapagos Islands are pretty familiar with people, too – in fact, they barely flinch when you slowly creep up to them with an extended lens. I clicked hundreds of reptile pics during my recent cruise with Aurora Expeditions – the Ecuadorian islands are home to 28 reptile species but they look different wherever you go, so you can’t help but get snap-happy. Three different types of Galapagos land iguana, for example, can be found on a handful of the islands, and their colouration ranges from bright yellow to beige. Same same, but different. Similarly, tiny lava lizards look like peaches on some islands, chocolate chip biccies on others. And marine iguanas can range from ashtray grey to Rastafarian. Here, a peek at some of my favourite scalies from the trip, including some giant tortoises on Santa Cruz. Click on a thumbnail below to see the full-size pic and shooting info.

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