NEWS: Australia’s first cat café opens in Melbourne 

Fancy a few petite paws with your coffee? A new café on Melbourne’s Queen Street is home to 11 cats you can play with while you eat/drink/get your merry on.

The cats vary in age and live permanently at the café after being rescued from a local shelter, upping the warm-and-fuzzy factor.

Cat cafes have been going gangbusters globally since the first one opened in Taiwan back in the late 90s, with the UK, France, Japan and Russia soon following suit. “The success ofCat Cafes is due to several reasons, the main one being that cats are awesome,” Cat Café Melbourne says on their official site. Agreed.

Melbourne’s take is a pay-to-play deal, with $10 covering you for an hour – a small price to pay for a hit of the feelgood hormone oxytocin if you aren’t lucky enough to have a feline flattie.

Who’s up for a catuccino?





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