NEWS: Exactly where your cat goes when it disappears



Take part in the Cat Tracker project and you’ll find out precisely where your feline goes on its adventures – and who it hangs out with – all in the name of serious research, natch.

In a project developed by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, animal research organisation Your Wild Life and online database Movebank, participating cats will wear collar cameras and be tracked with GPS to reveal not only more info about feline behaviour, but also how domestic cats are affecting native fauna.

If the findings of a (smaller) US project are anything to go by, the results will be mega intriguing. In that study, one feral cat was found to have a 520-hectare home range – that’s roughly 1.5 times the size of Sydney’s Centennial Park. Dude covered some serious ground, right?

So far the current Cat Tracker project’s been available only to US residents, but Australian and Kiwi kitties can now get in on the action.

Ready to stalk your cat? Head to this page and follow the instructions.


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